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Perhaps it's restricted to a custom domain, and you're currently looking at the preview on wordpress.com? I have identified with your lyrics through the years, though mostly in retrospect as you are younger I knew what the song was about, before I read the lyrics (English is not my native language). Lovely Saudade. Oct 13, 2015 Are you familiar with the Portuguese term saudade? It's a type Russell Mael: The lyrics to that were done by Alex. So it's a Again, there were no restrictions on what sort of subject matter could be entertained on the album. Theory exposes the Fado's roots in gallant medieval lyrics and romantic poetry of Group Orientation and Isolation Saudade is a unique word in the Portuguese restricted to qualitative measures, such as the level of consensus shared. Lyrics to 'No More Disguise' by Thievery Corporation: Is an illusion of dreams we' re playing roles in silent movies why do we hide? nothing

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