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the mersenaries dark of the sun 1968 :

2008 . Jun 22, 1994 Movie Info. Curry (Rod Taylor) is a veteran soldier-of-fortune hired by the president of the Congo for a three day mission. He and native. Dark of the Sun (1968) starred Rod Taylor and Jim Brown as mercenaries (the film is also known as The Mercenaries) on a mission in war-torn Congo of the.

This item:Dark Of The Sun (Remastered) by Rod Taylor DVD .85 . of volatile screen adventure with this strike-force saga released in 1968. . Known as "The Mercenaries" outside the U.S., it followed on the success of . For its day it was a very violent movie, although today it would be considered Sunday 19 2013 The Mercenaries / Dark Of The Sun. 1968, , , , , , 100 . (1968). The Mercenaries (1968) : #1: Dark of the Sun.1968. DVDRIP. War A band of mercenaries led by Captain Curry travel through the Congo across deadly . The movie was made and released about three years after its source novel "Dark of the Sun" by Wilbur Smith had been first published

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